20th Anniversary Issue of Perth Street Car Magazine out now!

12 Jul, 2012

Have you got your copy of Perth Street Car Magazine on the news stands right now? It’s the 20th Anniversary issue and there’s a tonne of extra pages to this […]

Sierra Cosworth fans Rejoice! Fast Fours Magazine & Performance Garage to the rescue!

2 Jul, 2012

One evening I received a phone call from a good friend of mine,  who coincidentally owned the striking EVO VI in my previous blog post, also featured in the current […]

A Complete Photoshop Composite Tutorial from start to finish in CS5

22 Jun, 2012

This post is an in-depth look at how I created  this awesome photoshop composite of Jacinta Rockich above. I’m going to walk you through the entire image from taking the […]

Burnout; a short film to test the Canon HDSLR cameras

28 Apr, 2012

This short film was shot over 2 years ago in early 2010. This was my first ever film but more importantly the films purpose was to test the capabilities of […]

Military Themed Photoshop Composites done for Perth’s Top Shelf Entertainment

26 Apr, 2012

Creating these composites for Top Shelf Entertainment was a lot of fun and for those of you who follow me on facebook you have probably seen a few of these already. […]

Creating the Fireman Photoshop Composite for Top Shelf Entertainment

13 Mar, 2012

Here’s another one for the ladies. This is Chris Skidmore from Top Shelf Entertainment being super cool by walking away from an explosion. (You must watch this – Cool Guys […]

Using Wacom Intuos4 tablet for more efficient post production

5 Dec, 2011

Last year when I was at Photoshop World in Las Vegas it seemed the number one tool every photoshop guru couldn’t live without was one of these Wacom Intuos4 tablets. I had known about them for some time but I had never considered one, and I have never even seen anyone using them much before back home. I didn’t even recall ever seeing them for sale anywhere but that could have been ignorance on my part. They are very popular among graphic designers, artists, and now photographers due to the huge adoption of Adobe Photoshop into the post production workflow.

Perth Street Car BTS Video of Brett Stewart’s LS1 Walkinshaw featuring Christie-Ann

27 Oct, 2011

A big thanks to Luke Brooks and Peter Clarke who jumped on board to film this BTS video. It’s been really cool having someone different shoot each of the behind […]

How to Setup your Canon HDSLR Camera for Shooting Video

29 Aug, 2011

The camera settings used for video on DSLR’s are much different to what you would use for still photography and it’s important to set the camera up correctly for each one to […]

Becoming a Director of Photography PART TWO

18 Jul, 2011

Recently I officially became a Director of Photography (DOP) here in Perth, Western Australia working under Director Mark DeFriest and you can read my behind the scenes look at my […]

Brodie Butler, now a Director of Photography in Perth Western Australia

4 Jul, 2011

June 25th 2011 marked the day when I officially became a DOP (directer of photography) where I was involved with some Elite Showreel scenes for Producer Debbie Thoy from Wizard […]

BTS Video: BLOONESS VE Ute feat. Miss Motorvation 2011 Photoshoot

19 Apr, 2011

Another Perth Street Car Magazine feature, another Behind The Scenes video! Volume 18 Number 4 of the magazine has just hit the news stands recently and inside is Tim Smiths award winning BLOONESS Holden VE Ute. The action doesn’t stop there though as Miss Motorvation 2011 Gemma Louise joined us to complete the one and only car & model feature for this issue.

Miss Motorvation Teams Up With Tim Smiths BLOONESS Ute for Perth Street Car Magazine

12 Apr, 2011

News stands. Now. Go! This is the cover of the latest Perth Street Car Magazine which is fresh on the stands as of late last week (Apr 2011) and getting […]

Mounting the SmallHD DP6 Monitor to the Glidecam HD-4000

6 Apr, 2011

The SmallHD DP6 Monitor is the latest addition to my arsenal of gear and I posted some info on receiving it just over a week ago here and gave a […]

First Time Fun at the WA Screen Awards

30 Mar, 2011

A couple of weeks ago o Saturday 19th March I attended my first ever WA Screen Awards event held in The Octagon theatre at UWA. It completely slipped my mind to post […]

Photoshop Friday: Creating Selections to Extract a Model in CS5

25 Mar, 2011

This Photoshop tutorial covers how to extract a model in Adobe Photoshop CS5, looking specifically at how to extract difficult areas such as hair. To do this, we look at […]

Do I need a Light Meter for Flash Photography?

22 Mar, 2011

I am a flash photographer, or strobist if you will. I’m very rarely taking natural light photos anymore these days. So most of my work comes from light, that isn’t […]

Photoshop Friday: Creating Selections to Extract a Model Prior to CS5

19 Mar, 2011

In this tutorial we look at 2 ways you can extract a model from an image, in order to replace the background with something more pleasing. The tutorial will show you how to specifically deal with difficult edges such as hair which is the most common problem people have when trying to extract someone. This is aimed at users without CS5

Photoshop Friday: Give your images that cinematic widescreen look

7 Jan, 2011

I’m going to show you how to crop your image to the correct cinemascope 2.35:1 ratio for that really widescreen cinematic feel, and create black bars (letterbox) which will extend your image to fill a 16:9 ratio which is the international standard for High Definition TV. So your end result will look just like a screenshot from a film like my example above.

Behind The Scenes Filming James Cameron with the Canon 5DMKII

15 Nov, 2010

Recently, I made an intial post announcing to the world how another exciting project involving a couple of Hollywood heavyweights adopted the Canon 5DMKII. Well now it’s time to spill the beans so to speak and reveal all behind the scenes!

Filming James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Canon 5DMKII

1 Nov, 2010

UPDATE [See the full Behind The Scenes article on this project RIGHT HERE] So last Wednesday(27th oct) I get an email from my friend and Director A.J Carter and he tells me about some secret project that […]

Testing out the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Kit in bright sunlight

16 May, 2010

When you want to play outdoors, and battle that extremely powerful sun, you need to be packing serious power. The kind of power that the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS […]