Brodie Butler

I am a Photographer & Educator in Perth, Western Australia.

I specialise in on-location portraits of people and I’m well known for my comprehensive use of light and off-camera flash.

I am now focused on passing my knowledge down through workshops, online courses and public speaking to teach the next generation.

You will never see me without a cap, and if you want to try your luck on the golf course against me, I’m ready to go!

During my 20-year career I have covered a huge scope of photography work specialising in mainly automotive and various types of portraiture, but honestly, I’ve done it all. I even spent years working as a cinematographer working on a vast array of projects from music videos to feature films and I became the Director of Photography for the Legends Football League in Australia.

The one thing consistent across all genres of my work though, that allows my work to stand out, is my approach to lighting.  I think it’s safe to say, lighting is my obsession. That obsession has allowed me to travel all over the world, work with my childhood heroes, and do what I love every single day.

Over the past 10 years I have facilitated photography workshops and webinars focused on lighting and have also been privileged enough to speak on behalf of Canon Australia on various occasions.  I have really taken a liking to this educational aspect of photography.

So after many moons behind the camera, a few grey hairs, and a career spanning multiple decades and genres, my attention is now turning to help the next generation. A breed of keen creatives who want to reach their own photography goals and become lighting experts.  

www.driveline.net.au – Dedicated to my decade of commercial & editorial Automotive work.

www.shootwithbrodie.com – Dedicated to all the glamour work I have done.