April 12, 2011

Miss Motorvation Teams Up With Tim Smiths BLOONESS Ute for Perth Street Car Magazine

Miss Motorvation Gemma with Liam Underwood

Perth Street Car Magazine 2011 April Edition

News stands. Now. Go!

This is the cover of the latest Perth Street Car Magazine which is fresh on the stands as of late last week (Apr 2011) and getting snapped up quickly with a staggering 20 full car features in this issue!

One of those features once again is the hard work of yours truly. I was lucky enough to spend a day with both Tim Smith and his award winning BLOONESS Ute, as well as Miss Motorvation Gemma L.

Gemma and I have known each other for a while and we have worked together in the past too. You can see some amazing glamour/fashion photos of her on my blog here. It was a first time meeting Tim and it was an absolute pleasure and was happy to do what was necessary to get the shoot done.

Big thanks to Jay Wells for helping on this shoot, and special thanks to Liam Underwood for shooting some excellent video which will be hitting the blog soon! You will be able to see all the behind the scenes action!

So if cars are your thing, then I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this mag full of goodies!

Image at the top is of Miss Motorvation Gemma showing videographer Liam Underwood who is boss.