April 19, 2011

BTS Video: BLOONESS VE Ute feat. Miss Motorvation 2011 Photoshoot

Brodie Butler BTS Video for Perth Street Car Magazine

Another Perth Street Car Magazine feature, another Behind The Scenes video!  Volume 18 Number 4 of the magazine has just hit the news stands recently and inside is Tim Smiths award winning BLOONESS Holden VE Ute. The action doesn’t stop there though as Miss Motorvation 2011 Gemma Louise joined us to complete the one and only car & model feature for this issue.

The feature is hot and this video shows you everything that went into it. So Check it out below!

Big thanks to Liam Underwood who shot the behind the scenes video and to Kieren Herald as well.

Perth Street Car Magazine 2011 April Edition

Magazine: Perth Street Car Magazine Vol. 18 Number 4
Photography: Brodie Butler (brodiebutler.com)
Car: Tim Smiths BLOONESS Holden VE SSV Ute
Model: Miss Motorvation 2011 Gemma L
Assistants: Jay Wells, Grant Lauterbach, Kieren Herald

Liam Underwood (http://www.facebook.com/Underwood.L)
Kieran Herald

Editing: Brodie Butler

Photos were taken on Canon 5DMKII
Video was shot on Canon HDSLR Cameras (5DMKII, 7D)
Video was Edited in Final Cut Pro

I will post plenty more photos from this photoshoot on the blog in the near future!




  • Gemma Louise April 19, 2011

    Pretty sure that was the most EPIC BTS video EVER!! Love you all – you boys rock!! Such talented individuals! A pleasure working with you all XXXXX Gemma Louise

  • Hannah Morgan April 19, 2011

    This is so awesome great job done by everyone!!! 🙂
    I’m so proud of my man Mr Tim Smith he works so hard on blooness and always does it with pride which pays to do as look at the results!!!
    Best ute ever!!!!!!
    Well done 🙂