January 5, 2020

Perth Automotive Photography Now Live at Driveline.net.au

As a Perth Automotive Photographer since the beginning of my career I wanted to pay homage to all the work I have done photographing cars all over Australia for over a decade. So something I have been working on in the shadows for quite a while now is reviving my old Driveline.net.au domain to show a portfolio of my automotive photography.

Some of you may remember the Driveline website that ran from approximately 2004-2008, but a lot of you won’t have a clue what it was. It was an automotive events resource website dedicated to Western Australia and operated very much like an online car magazine with feature articles and event photos from most W.A. motorsport and street car events.  On the new website (www.driveline.net.au) I have dedicated a little section to it in the ‘About‘ page which acts as a legacy for the old site and you can find out a bit more information there.

Sadly with the decline of print magazines I just don’t shoot cars a lot anymore. I get the odd commercial job or a private car owner who wants a wall feature, but I have had to move on and focus on more of my portrait and other commercial work.

The new Driveline.net.au acts as a portfolio for the automotive photography work I have done over the past decade and gives it a chance to stand alone and not flood my standard portfolio with car photos. 

So if you like cars, like car photography, or better yet want some photos taken of your car then pay a visit to;

http://www.driveline.net.au – Perth Automotive Photography