Meals with Models
August 7, 2017

Christie-Ann Goes Yellow on Meals with Models

Meals with Models

When the forecast is for rain it makes it a bit difficult to get outside and take photos so being able to setup an indoor studio in your garage at home is a great way to keep creating. That’s exactly what I did recently with Christie-Ann, where I setup a rather neglected yellow paper backdrop in my garage for a pop-up studio shoot. We actually wanted to shoot with the yellow, so even though it was freezing cold the weather forecast wasn’t actually for rain. The yellow is a nice change though, I havent used it in years and even then, I only used it once or twice. In such a cold winter I think it has this cheerful quality to it to warm everyone up!  Anyway, see the vlog below and check out the pictures we took! We had a bunch of fun.

I know that was rather long, but I also know some people will want to see every second of it just in-case I reveal something useful about how I work. In todays age it’s not unusual for vlogs to be this long but I promise the future ones wont be so long. At least I hope not because it’s a lot of editing! I’m still getting the hang of this vlog thing… I’ll get there.

Anyway, time for some actual photos! Up next is a cheeky behind the scene shot I grabbed of my Canon M6 wrapped to the ladder I was shooting from. I used the Joby Gorillapod to be able to do this.  Move aside Manfrotto Magic Arm, there’s a new favourite in town! I love this gorillapod I can strap it to anything. I don’t know why I didnt buy one years ago.

The key to my editing is subtlety. I dont like to overdo things. I could quite easily take a commercial approach to these images and go to town on them but they dont need it and that’s not my style. Christie-Ann looks amazing as she is, and so do the photos. The yellow backdrop wasn’t perfect at times, so I fixed that up a bit and I cleaned up a few other things, added a little bit of Brodiebutler.com magic and walla, here you have it.  There’s a couple real favourites in here, and if you keep an eye on my instagram (@brodiebutler) I will release more in due course. Anyway, enjoy!

No shoot of mine is complete without a full set of hilarious behind the scenes photos. I like to have fun on set and I try my best to make sure everyone else is having fun. So here’s me and the ratbag monkeying aroud a bit. I might be able to release a few more at a later stage.

So that’s all from the yellow shoot. I hope this entertained you for just a tiny short moment of your day. Please feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.





  • Elise August 10, 2017

    Awesome job Brodie, loved it! Especially the balloons 😉 Hehe

    • Brodie August 12, 2017

      Thanks Elise! haha everyone likes balloons!