August 4, 2013

LFL Australia announce head of their Photo Films Division

LFL Australia

On Thursday August 1st, just a few days ago The Legends Football League announced the hiring of the first 3 positions in their Australian branch for the upcoming debut season starting in December 2013. So I am very pleased to announce that I, Brodie Butler will be heading up the Photo Films Division for LFL Australia. My official title is the Director of Photography.

There may be some confusion with my title of “Director of Photography”.  I am not responsible for hiring photographers and I have no control of those arrangements and the leagues policies. I am employed by the LFL to cover all their photography needs such as game-day images, posters and other artwork. 
The official announcement was made on, the official news source for all things LFL. You can read the article here:

If you are new to the sport then check out my last blog post which showcases a feature from Today Tonight on the sport starting in Australia and sums it up extremely well. It also includes a bunch of photos I’ve taken.

Bring on football in December!