January 15, 2014

JUST Car Insurance sponsored Tarmac Rally EVO IX driven by Brett Wilkinson

Just Car Insurance Tarmac Evo IX

Brett Wilkinsons latest ride is this Tarmac Rally EVO IX that I had the pleasure of shooting late last year. Sponsored by Just Car Insurance and Wilkinsons Suspension, Brett will take the car around the country competing in the various Tarmac Rally events such as Targa. Before posting this Brett had already competed in Targa High Country at Mt Buller, where Brett and Co-Driver Matthew Edgar battled their way through the blistering cold rain. The car took a bit of a beating but it finished in one piece and it will be ready to go at the next event.

The boys, as well as the sponsors, really wanted an overall image to really show off the new car and the two guys sitting in the front seats. The Race suits are fully custom tailored too complete with the sponsors so we wanted to include the driver and co-driver in the shot. The image above is what we came up with.

Incase you didn’t notice, the image above is actually a composite. The car was shot separately, in fact even on separate days.¬†Below you can see the completed shot of just the car without the drivers.


To answer another question I’m likely to get, no this was not shot in a studio at all. We actually shot both the car and the drivers on location, outside the Wilkinsons Suspension workshop in Bayswater. Logistically it was the easiest place for us to do it, and with a little photography and photoshop magic it all worked out perfectly to our needs.

Below you can see a behind the scenes shot from when I was shooting the drivers.
Brett Wilkinson Behind the Scenes

In the image above that’s a Canon 580EX II on the right, positioned behind Brett. I later put a shoot-through umbrella on this light to soften the shadows a little bit. The main light being supported by Brett’s co-driver Matt, is an Elinchrom Deep Octa 100cm with both diffusers in place. That was connect to my Elincrom Ranger RX Speed AS pack.

Given the way the photo of the car was created, it was not possible to create this image in a single shot. The car is actually a composite in itself of a series of light painted images. This style is something that looks much more commercial and is much more appealing to me. So the car and the drivers were always going to be shot separately in this case.

Hope you like it!