July 21, 2014

Five year Anniversary working with Perth Street Car Magazine

Kierina Tetley in Perth Street Car Magazine

It was brought to my attention by the trusty LinkedIn service that this month is a 5 year Anniversary for me working with Perth Street Car Magazine. ¬†While I had submitted various images prior from events, this was the date that marks my first actual full feature in the magazine. ¬†The issue was¬†Volume 17 Number 2 and the car was Fernando Martin’s SR20DET powered green Silvia from In-Style Collisions (formerly In-Style Customs). This feature was also complimented by none other than the lovely Kierina Tetley. The words accompanying the pictures in this feature were courtesy of Tom¬†Jakovljevic’s hard work.

Since then, I have shot every feature model for the magazine and a few cars on their own here and there. So that’s 17 girls that make up a total of 16 features. ¬†Wow, time flies! ¬†For those that don’t know, the magazine runs quarterly not monthly so that might help you make sense of those numbers, and it also explains why it’s a bit thicker than your average mag. There may have been an issue that went without a model too, just incase someone out there is trying to calculate it. So lets take a look back at the article that started it all off.

Perth Street Car Feature

Perth Street Car Feature TWO

Hi Res Versions of the above for reading are Here and Here.

This was my first shoot using the Canon 5DMKII. It was the camera to have at the time. It had been out just less than a year and it was already becoming one of the most influential and famous cameras of all time. The video capabilities were being embraced all around the world by filmmakers but for me it was just a stills camera at this stage.  I think I actually borrowed this one from a friend Kieren to try out. Needless to say I purchased one shortly after and never looked back. I still own that 5DMKII as a backup/second camera and I now shoot with a 5DMKIII which is still my camera of choice. I have no need for the 1 series.

This particular shoot also marked the first occasion I had a crack at video. Behind The Scenes videos were really starting to take off around this time and I wanted in on it. ¬†I always loved watching behind the scenes videos as a kid. ¬†I had no clue about video though, and neither did my buddy Fab Yain who took hold of my little JVC Everio handheld to shoot some behind the scenes video for me. Well, with a bit of editing, some music and a tantalising Kierina in the frame, it didn’t turn out all that bad for a first crack. Here it is for you to see in quality 360p!


Here’s a couple of behind the scenes photos I managed to get from the day. I still have that trusty step ladder, it comes to all my shoots with me and always comes in handy. Those light stands you see have served me so well. I purchased them in 2008 and they have only just been replaced this week by a set of heavy duty Manfrotto stands. ¬†I will be keeping them for beach shoots and anything else that involves sand or water.

Perth Photographer Brodie Butler Perth Photographer Brodie Butler Perth Photographer Brodie Butler Perth Photographer Brodie Butler


So while I’m at it, Might as well share some more photos from this shoot! Lets see what I can dig up here.

Kierina Tetley for Perth Street Car


instyle-1068  Kierina Tetley by Brodie Butler

Kierina Tetley Kierina Tetley Kierina Tetley
instyle-1087  instyle-0953


So that wraps up my first ever official feature in Perth Street Car Magazine some 5 years ago. Give or take a month or so. Thank you to Trevor at PSC and everyone who has helped me along the way! I know there’s been a lot of work for each and everyone of these shoots and I can’t do them with your help.

Also a special thank you to the lovely girls who have been featured each issue. Check out my youtube for some of the older videos: www.youtube.com/brodiebutler/