January 27, 2017

Burnout, a fragrance for men


Burnout, the fragrance for men is finally here! I have spent the last 2 long years in a lab with a team of white coats developing the ultimate Australian fragrance for men; Burnout.

Inspired by my viral short film of the same name, this smokey, burnt rubber essence captures the true spirit of the automotive burnout and is perfect for those days you don’t get a chance to lay down tread at the track. Doubling as an undeniably irresistible scent to Sheila’s all over this burnout loving country, you can’t go wrong with this scent whenever you leave the house.

In the process of creating this one of a kind fragrance, our research and development team destroyed over 1500 rubber tyres of different makes and models to find the one true combination of the perfect smokey rubber scent. These tyres were all destroyed under controlled conditions using none other than true-blue Aussie V8 muscle. No engines were harmed in the making of this product, although we did lose a couple of gearboxes and a few driveshafts.

Pre-orders available soon!

Burnout EAU DE PARFUM By Brodie Butler.



this is a parody, but who knows, I might actually make it one day.