July 25, 2017

Brodie starts Vlogging

Brodie Butler starts Vlogging

Vlogging seems to be the “IN” thing these days, with so many people achieving success and reaching audiences never thought possible. So not too long ago I checked in on my youtube channel¬†which had about 40 videos,¬†1100 or so subcribers¬†and quite a few videos that gained a fair bit of traction with 30,40 and even 50,000+ views. So¬†I thought to myself, you know what, lets go back to creating videos. So here I am! It’s much quicker and easier to produce vlogging style videos these days than full production behind the scenes videos, so that makes it a lot easier for me to create content for you guys. I dont expect to be the next Casey Neistat or the next Logan Paul, that’s not going to happen but I have seen the value by sharing content in the past and I enjoy it, so lets just have a bit of fun and see where it goes!

I will take you behind the scenes of my photoshoots and even start to share other glimpes into my life as a photographer and entreprenuer. There’s even a very good chance I can spit out some photoshop tutorials again too because they were the most popular videos in the past and actually got me all sorts of work including being published in a UK photoshop magazine.

I wont be vlogging every day, but I will try to post regularly in some form. This week, I kick things off shooting a new profile picture, because if there’s one thing I need to start my youtube channel off, is a new self portrait of myself for my profile and my banner.

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If you want to check out my gingerbearded face a bit more up close here you go:

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