May 23, 2014

Behind The Scenes with Courtney Piercy for Perth Street Car Magazine

Perth Street Car Magazine Feature Model

Courtney Piercy teamed up with me late last year to produce some images that would grace the pages of Perth Street Car Magazine as the feature model. As per usual I thought I would put up a few additional photos for you all to see, along with some behind the scenes images so you can see how it all happened.  This shoot couldnt have been possible without the help of my mate Brett from the Wilkinsons Suspensions Centre. They kindly allowed us to take over their workshop for an evening to make this happen. So thanks Brett!

These guys really have you covered for any kind of suspension needs you might have, whether its 4×4, circuit car, or every day driving. They can also hook you up with wheels and tyres for whatever ride you might have. Pay them a visit at their purpose built workshop on 81 Beechboro Road in Bayswater, visit their website at http://www.wilkinsonsuspension.com.au or give them a call on + 08 9370 2646.

Read on for more pics…

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I love a good funny face and Courtney certainly delivered for me on this one. She was a heap of fun to work with and I look forward to ever having the opportunity again. For the photographers out there, you may notice the Colorchecker passport in the photos above. I use this to make sure my white balance and colours are nice and spot on. To be honest I don’t always use it, especially when my daylight balanced lights are the only lights in the scene and it’s easy to get a pretty accurate representation. If I was shooting a product though, I would most definitely use it to ensure the colours are represented perfectly.

Courtney Piercy and Brodie Butler

In the background of this shoot you will notice Brett Wilkinsons tarmac rally Evo IX race car. If you follow my blog you may remember it from a little while back where I actually took some team photos for them in the post JUST Car Insurance sponsored Tarmac Rally EVO IX driven by Brett Wilkinson.

Perth Street Car Magazine

That will do it from me, but here’s a few more images from the shoot for you!

A final thanks goes out to the master of smoke, Ben Newnham for his efforts and craftsmanship in smoke creation and manipulation for this photoshoot.