October 21, 2013

Behind The Scenes with Ash Watt for Perth Street Car Magazine

Ash Watt

For the last issue of Perth Street Car Magazine (July 2013) we featured Australian National 1st Runner up of Miss Swimsuit USA and all round stunner, Ash Watt.  As another regular on the competition scene Ash has been cleaning up a lot of titles recently and it was a no brainer that she was perfect for the mag. It wasn’t long ago she just took out first place in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar and thats just the tip of the ice berg.  It’s no secret she takes exceptionally good care of her body and she made my job a whole lot easier. It was pretty hard to take a bad photo to be honest!

Keeping things in line with the automotive theme we needed to hunt down a workshop to get Ash’s hands dirty. So a huge thanks goes out to Greg and the whole crew from Warbuilt in Malaga for letting us take over their workshop for a few hours one Saturday.  Warbuilt is a true one stop shop. They have an excellent team and facilities to be able to specialise in performance car upgrades, engine building, panel and paint work and they even have a dyno too.


We moved around the workshop a bit and let Ash get acquainted with some of the machinery in the shop as well as an engine block on a stand but my favourite set of images came from placing her underneath a car on a hoist which you see at the top of this post. It’s been an idea of mine for a while now and I finally made it happen.

Using a Canon 580EX II speedlight with an orange gel fitted, I fired the flash back at the camera through a bit of smoke to give it that nice colourful look and drown out the distracting background. I haven’t even edited out the flash in this shot below so you can see where it was placed.

_X5A8847-Edit _X5A8579-Edit _X5A8715-Edit

Here’s a quick team shot of my trusty little team for the day.

Behind The Scenes Brodie Butler


And just a few behind the scenes snaps…