April 24, 2013

Antilag Racewars 2013 Teaser Video

Lamborghini Aventadoor vs Mclaren MP4-12C

The inaugural Antilag Racewars drag racing event was held at the Wyalkatchem Aerodrom 192kms North East of Perth, Western Australia on the 6th & 7th of April 2013.

The added¬†appeal to this Racewars event was that the airport runway allowed for 800m and even 1000m (1km) passes for select vehicles that passed scrutineering. With that amount of distance, it meant some of these high powered machines were able to reach speeds almost as high as 300km/hr! I think the highest was somewhere around 270km/hr on the day, but im not sure. You’d want some good brakes!

The Shire of Wyalkatchem has had control of the airport site and along with the rest of the town have been extremely welcoming and supportive of the event. I think they were very excited to be put on the map by all the media attention the event has attracted.  From what I could gather the locals already couldnt wait for the next year, even the local Police.

If you follow any of my work you would have noticed I’ve been spending a lot of time in the air shooting both stills and video from an R44 Helicopter with pilot Darius Pavri. Well what better opportunity to shoot some frames than from the air at an event like this! A longstanding project of mine has been to shoot driving photos of high end exotic cars from the air, but trying to find a location thats suitable and that will allow us to do it both on the ground and in the airspace¬†has been very difficult. So I was very excited to get word from Racewars that they wanted us up there!

The image above is a¬†screengrab from some video I shot at the event, which is probably the hero shot of the whole weekend. We see a brand new Lamborghini Aventadoor taking on a Mclaren MP4-12C from the air. The footage featured on GWN and also in the video teaser below. It’s important to note that this image was a simulated drag race, so don’t look at it as an accurate comparison of the two vehicles!

I wasnt just in the air I was on the ground too, and I had some help from Brandon D’Silva and Leon Fry from BlaqMagic Innovations as well as Ricky Santos too.¬† So check out the teaser promo I edited below and¬†stay tuned for a longer edit from Brandon!

Videography by:
Brodie Butler (www.brodiebutler.com)
Brandon D’Silva (www.blaqmagicinnovations.com)
Leon Fry (www.blaqmagicinnovations.com)

Additional Videographers:
Ricky Santos

Aerial Videography:
Brodie Butler

Darius Pavri (www.fciwa.com)

Edited By:
Brodie Butler