January 7, 2014

A day with the Western Australian Angels from the Legends Football League

Brooke LFL Angels

The latest womens sports team to hit the W.A. coast is none other than the Western Australian Angels LFL team. LFL is short for Legends Football League which for those that dont know, is a national womens American football league currently with 4 team; The NSW Surge, QLD Brigade, VIC Maidens and obviously our WA Angels. Don’t be fooled by a field of fit bodies, these girls mean serious business and the sport is extremely athletic, highly competitive and it gets pretty damn rough. The first game of the season that aired on 7Mate, a free-to-air channel in Australia, peaked at over 280 000 viewers, more than any A-League game. ¬†You can catch the games every Saturday night at 10:30pm on 7Mate. The telecast is delayed one week, so tune in to see the previous weeks game.

WA Angels

WA Angels ready to take the field at AAMI Park

Now every sports team need a team photoshoot, and thats where I come in. Well in fact if you didn’t already know, a little while back I was actually announced as the Director of Photographer for LFL Australia¬†so shooting the Angels for the LFL website was kinda in my job description. ¬†Instead of hiring a studio we decided to setup our own and use my own gear that I’m used to. Thanks to some good friends of mine we got hold of some warehouse space and I tell you what, it was the best setup we could have hoped for. We had two full air conditioned rooms for hair & make-up and a large additional room for “chilling out” which was essentially our green room. ¬†The bonus was I had all the space in the world that I needed to setup my gear.

WA Angels
It was a simple white backdrop setup for this shoot as the final images needed to be on white, and some were going to be extracted which can still be done on white. If the images were only going to be extracted though I probably would have shot on a middle grey background. I used a roll of paper so I could get a nice seamless background and capture the image in-camera. ¬†To keep a close eye on things I had my 5DMKIII tethered to the macbook pro for instant review of the images. Or in Lightrooms case “not-so-instant”. In fact is painfully slow and I think an entire industry can’t wait for Lightroom to pull their finger out and fix its performance issues. Anyway, it is handy being able to zoom in, crop, grade and rate images in lightroom and have them there already loaded when I get home. As I said I used my 5DMKIII and shooting through my trusty Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS glass.

So what did the final result look like? Well here’s a few of the images straight out of the camer:

WA Angel Chloe Stout WA Angel Stephanie Lethborg WA Angel Tammie West


I have to send a huge thank you out to my Hair & Make-up Team on the day:
Carly Gilmour (www.carlygilmour.com)
Bianca Schulz (Hair Stylist)
Renee Ammendolea (Hair & Make-Up)
Robyn Maggie Werry (Hair & Make-Up)

Also a big thanks to the boys who really helped make the day a success:
Tim Kershaw
Karl Pearce
Michael Waldie
Armando Formica


My buddy Tim Kershaw put together a little behind the scenes video of the day too which you can watch below:

LFL WA Angels BTS Video from Tim Kershaw on Vimeo.


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Karl Pearce was at it again helping me out and firing off some extra behind the scenes goodies for us. Check them out here: